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Post by mohit on Sat May 02, 2009 3:16 pm

Just found this new player called spotify... I believe that jaran made the first post about this on t-six, but I didn't know anything about spotify then... not I just found a link to the download and a proxy for registration, so I'm telling about it here:

Free Spotify Music Player Spotifyf

Click HERE for the FLV Video of Spotify Intro.

^^ Video.

Step 1. Find a good UK proxy. Easiest will be web-based, since you'll only have to use it to register. (Only if you're already not in UK.)


Step 2. Through the proxy, visit

Step 3. Register. You're going to need a UK postal code,
Try This site for that...:

Step 4. Download the installer. It should give you a link, otherwise use


Step 5. Install it and enjoy your music. No need for any proxies or anything, you're just enjoying free music. One extra pro here is that if you listen to it through an unsupported country there are no ads!

For Mac Users:

Other Platforms:

Enjoy! Very Happy Wink

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